Highest academic qualifications

Ph.D. in the History of Philosophy – Université Paris IV – Sorbonne

M.A. in History of Philosophy – Univ. Paris I – Panthéon-Sorbonne

M.Sc. in Statistics, Mathematics, and Computation; concentration in

 Computational Mathematics – Universidade Aberta


Further institutions & activities

University of Sussex, Dept. of Psychology (post-doctorate)

University of Barcelona, Dept. of Logic,

Hist. & Phil. of Science (visiting researcher)




NEW: Augusto, L. M. (2017). Logical consequences. Theory and applications: An introduction. London: College Publications.

 In the Studies in Logic Yellow Series: Mathematical Logic and Foundations.

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Areas of expertise, research interests, and current position


Ongoing projects

Extra stuff





Areas of expertise, research interests, and current position


My subjects of expertise are cognitive science, logic (mathematical, computational, philosophical), computer maths, and philosophy of mind (broadly conceived).

I research into human and artificial cognition. 

I am an academically unaffiliated scientist. I live in Madrid, and I work in the private sector. 




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Ongoing projects


- I am currently working in mathematical and computational modeling

- A monograph on many-valued logics is in preparation



Extra stuff


Conferences, talks, etc.

- Logical consequence and closure spaces. Material prepared at the University of Barcelona, March 2015

- Automating deduction in non-classical logics: Signed resolution for many-valued logics. CMAF, University of Lisbon, 2014. Abstract; Slides



Tables of contents, whole books, errata, etc.

- Augusto, Luis M. (2017). Logical consequences. Theory and applications: An introduction. London: College Publications. 228 p. ISBN 978-1-84890-236-7

  Addenda & errata


- Augusto, Luis M. (2016). Lógicas multivalentes. Uma introdução matemática e computacional.

   You can download this book directly from; alternatively, go to


- Augusto, Luis M. (2013). Freud, Jung, Lacan: Sobre o Inconsciente. Porto: U.Porto editorial. 340 p. ISBN 978-989-746-029-6.

   Google Books; Capa & Índice ; Notas suplementares; Errata (1a ed.)


- Augusto, Luis M. (2006). Idéalisme médiéval: L’idéalisme épistémologique des XIIIe et XIVe siècles.

   (Dissertation in French; 310 p., unpublished; Position de thèse; available at the Bibliothèque des Thèses de Paris-Sorbonne and at the Centre Pierre Abélard).


- Augusto, Luis M. (2005). Who’s Afraid of Idealism? (Epistemological Idealism from the Kantian and Nietzschean Points of View). Lanham, MD: University Press of America, 168 p. ISBN 0-7618-3297-1

   [table of contents; errata for the 1st edition 1st and 2nd printings] 







Logic, maths, & computation