Independent scientist

Madrid, Spain


Highest academic qualifications

Ph.D. in the History of Philosophy – Université Paris IV – Sorbonne

M.A. in History of Philosophy – Univ. Paris I – Panthéon-Sorbonne

M.Sc. in Statistics, Mathematics, and Computation; concentration in

 Computational Mathematics – Universidade Aberta


Further institutions & activities

University of Sussex, Dept. of Psychology (post-doctorate)

University of Barcelona, Dept. of Logic,

Hist. & Phil. of Science (visiting researcher)




NEW: Augusto, Luis M. (2017). Logical consequences. Theory and applications: An introduction. London: College Publications.

 In the Studies in Logic Yellow Series: Mathematical Logic and Foundations.

Front matter & table of contents here

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Forthcoming: Augusto, Luis M. (2017). Many-valued logics. A mathematical and computational introduction.

London: College Publications.

In the Studies in Logic Series




Areas of expertise & research interests


Ongoing projects

Extra stuff





Areas of expertise & research interests


My subjects of expertise are logic (mathematical, computational, philosophical), computer maths, cognitive science, and philosophy of mind (broadly conceived).

I focus on pure and applied logic. I am also interested in cognitive modeling, symbolic and connectionist.




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Ongoing projects


Just doing interesting stuff with logic & maths & cogsci


Extra stuff


Conferences, talks, etc.

- Logical consequence and closure spaces. Material prepared at the University of Barcelona, March 2015

- Automating deduction in non-classical logics: Signed resolution for many-valued logics. CMAF, University of Lisbon, 2014. Abstract; Slides



Tables of contents, whole books, errata, etc.

- Augusto, Luis M. (2017). Logical consequences. Theory and applications: An introduction. London: College Publications. 228 p. ISBN 978-1-84890-236-7

  Addenda & errata


- Augusto, Luis M. (2016). Lógicas multivalentes. Uma introdução matemática e computacional. 

   You can download this book directly from


- Augusto, Luis M. (2013). Freud, Jung, Lacan: Sobre o Inconsciente. Porto: U.Porto editorial. 340 p. ISBN 978-989-746-029-6.

   Google Books; Capa & Índice ; Notas suplementares; Errata (1a ed.)


- Augusto, Luis M. (2006). Idéalisme médiéval: L’idéalisme épistémologique des XIIIe et XIVe siècles.

   (Dissertation in French; 310 p., unpublished; Position de thèse; available at the Bibliothèque des Thèses de Paris-Sorbonne and at the Centre Pierre Abélard).


- Augusto, Luis M. (2005). Who’s Afraid of Idealism? (Epistemological Idealism from the Kantian and Nietzschean Points of View). Lanham, MD: University Press of America, 168 p. ISBN 0-7618-3297-1

   [table of contents; errata for the 1st edition 1st and 2nd printings]