Who’s Afraid of Idealism?

Epistemological Idealism from the Kantian and Nietzschean Viewpoints

Lanham, MD: University Press of America, 2005

By Luís M. Augusto


This is a purely experimental book in the sense that what I aimed with it was mainly to experiment on alternative, lighter ways of writing about ‘serious’ academic stuff. There was no professional editing or proofreading whatsoever, thus keeping with the experimental, indie spirit. I found the experiment worthwhile, and have no intentions of altering its final form. Since its first appearing in December 2005, I managed to proofread the book twice and have thus corrected the 1st and 2nd printings of the first edition: a first correction, corresponding to the 1st edition 1st printing (errata below) was hastily completed for lack of time; the second correction (1st edition 2nd printing; errata below) was carried out in depth. I believe I found most of the typos and mistakes. Meanwhile, the 1st edition 3rd printing, prepared in August 2006, is practically free of all the typos and mistakes listed below, and has some minor improvements that I did not consider worth listing on the errata sheets. These errata correct typos and what I consider mistakes; they do not correct disputed grammar items, or minor deviations from the ‘norm’; they also contain a few technical improvements, though this does not belong to an errata list.